Help & FAQs

Everyone needs a little help once in a while.

PSIA-AASI Member Login

You should be able to login with your PSIA-AASI National user account which is your email address and your password. If those credentials are not working, and you are a current member, you have options: 1.) Reset your password at the PSIA-AASI National website or 2.) Contact your division to find out if your membership is current or 3.) Call the PSIA-AASI National office 1.844.340.SNOW (7669) or via email  to check your membership.

Not sure which Division you are a member or the contact info? Click the map below.

LMS Only Member Login

Maybe you created an account on this website and are not (yet) a member of PSIA-AASI. If this is the case, you may reset your password here.

Navigating Courses, Lessons, Topics and Quizzes

A course is a series of lessons, topics and quizzes. A course is what you sign up for and usually receive a certificate for completion. A lesson is a series of related topics in a course. Topics are like individual chunks of information related to a lesson – you might consider these to be slides or pages of the lesson. Quizzes are just like what they sound; some courses will be labeled as an “exam” as they contain several quizzes that make up the entirety of the exam.

Why can’t I take a written exam again immediately?

Some written exams may only be taken once automatically. If you have failed a written exam it may require you to purchase the exam again. And even if you have purchased the exam again, your Division office will need to manually grant access to the exam again. If this is during non-business hours you will likely need to wait until the office is open the next business day. It’s best to study up and pass the exam the first time to avoid this hassle and added cost.