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Welcome to PSIA-AASI’s Inbounds Uphill Travel course. This course is built to help introduce snowsports enthusiasts to the world of self powered uphill travel within ski area boundaries. The content for the course is inclusive to snowboarders, alpine skiers, and telemark skiers. Within this course you will learn about:

  1. The growing popularity of inbounds uphill travel and why more and more people are getting involved
  2. Resort access, policies, and safety awareness
  3. Equipment, what is necessary, and how to use it
  4. Education on skinning technique, best practices for getting started going up so you can go down in style

What is E-Learning?

PSIA-AASI’s E-Learning site is a new resource for learning about all things snowsports education and training related. From becoming an instructor to learning about how to tune your equipment, the courses offered in our Learning Management System (LMS) will enhance your role as a pro.


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